The Circle of Life

by Martin Neuhold

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This album is a ritual of peace, of re-connecting with your soultribe. You might want to read and meditate upon these texts while listening to the tracks:

Anam Cara (Calling the Soultribe)

I call on my tribe, I call on my soulmates, my Anam Cara....

The people of my tribe are easy to spot. They walk with dignity and a straight yet flexible spine, have a divinely wild spark in their eyes and a luscious smile on their lips.

They are neither holy nor enlightened. They have gone through their own hell, had their rage explode, have looked at their shadows and demons, and embraced them. They have cut their umbilical cord in realizing they are not only children from their bloodmother and -father, but also divine children from the Great Mother and Father.

They don't play small, knowing very well what their gifts and challenges are. Because they want to hide nothing, they are open, honest, embodying the raw naked truth. Wildly vulnerable, naked. Because they do not have any resistance to life, like children they are full of energy, curiosity and enthusiasm. The fire is burning in their belly and heart!

The people of my tribe embody the wild man and the wild woman within and recognize them in others. Their wildness within is connected with the wilderness without, living in deep respect and reverence to their own bodies and the body of this Earth. Living in the utmost gratitude for Life every day anew, they hold nothing for granted. They create their own experiences and follow their instincts and intuition. Men and women of my tribe meet on the same level, from heart to heart, respect and appreciate their 'different' beingness, confront without malice, and love passionately without reserve.

People of my tribe often go within to re-connect with their roots, and find themselves, if they have lost themselves for a moment in the noise of the concrete jungle. And then they return to their tribe, so they may communicate and share their dreams and visions, give and receive, offer and be blessed. They live in wild passion, genuine intimacy and deep connection. Alone, they do not feel lost or lonely.

However, they suffer when in complete isolation, and long for their sisters and brothers. You don't have to look for them, nor can you find them. You can meet them only. They are right there. The time has come for our meeting. I call on my tribe!

Dreamweaver (The Circle I, Alban Ellis, East)

I call on the Spirit of the East, of the rising Sun, of Spring, of air,of the winds that blow across the lands. Of new beginnings each day. and of open horizons. Let us find the new road and let us start our journey with a happy heart. We bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here with us today. Please join us, Spirit of the East.

CoeXisT (The Circle II, Alban Nefin, South)

I call on the Spirit of the South, of passion, fullness, variety and inspiration, whose warm breath reminds us of summer days. Ignite our hearts with love. Let us see the beauty of the variety of life and of mankind. Give us the wisdom to allow everyone to find his own path. We bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here with us today. Please join us, Spirit of the South.

Bloodmoon (The Circle III, Alban Alfred, West)

I call on the Spirit of the West, the land of the setting Sun, of water and autum's whisper. Let us dance in your honour below the harvest moon, let us enjoy the fruits with which we are blessed. Let us find the peace which follows the harvest of a fruitful life. We bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here today. Please join us, Spirit of the West.

The Silent Dark (The Circle IV, Alban Artan, North)

I call on Spirit of the North, place of quiet, stillness, of cave and deep earth. Place of thankfulness for the knowledge and blessings that have come to us with time, of change, of new beginning. We bless you and ask your wisdom and blessing here today. Please join us, Spirit of the North.

Anam Cara Reprise (Closing the Circle)

I call on the Spirit of our souls within, Place of union, love and reverence. We are grateful for this gift of life and for the love that guides our way. We open our hearts and join with all in love. It is begun.


(Note: some of these text are quoted from other texts of which I don't know the author. If you know or are the author, please contact me so I can name the source)


released December 22, 2015

Tin Whistle by Jeff McCarthy of Supersonic Tartan Death Machine
Cover Photography by Wolfgang Gsell

The following CC-Attribution Samples were used:

Drum loop:
Holy mountain:
Streets of Cairo:

Female Voices courtesy of this free sample pack:


all rights reserved



Martin Neuhold Großkarolinenfeld, Germany

Ambient and Downtempo artist, iOS Musician from Germany.

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